Libertarians support repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell



That headline may sound like confirmation of the adage about politics making strange bedfellows, but it’s not so surprising that three Libertarian Congressional candidates in North Carolina endorse repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”  Lon Cecil, Tom Rose and Daryl Holloman, who are running for Congress as Libertarians in the 12th, 2nd, and 3rd Congressional Districts, respectively, say gays’ rights to serve openly in the military is a civil rights issue that Congress and the Defense Department should straighten out.

Cecil, as quoted in the Libertypoint blog in Raleigh, “Gays and lesbians can serve with honor in many military specialties and should have that opportunity.”

Rose agreed, declaring, “There have been gays and lesbians in every branch of the military since the earliest beginnings of this country, and some have died for this country. Those who are serving now are willing to fight and die for their country. They should be treated the same as all other military personnel in all matters.”

We’re certainly not the first to notice it, but many libertarians and progressives often agree on civil liberty issues and on avoiding most foreign wars when possible. Considering the two factions’ frequent agreement, it’s always seemed to this writer that progressives and libertarians should try to make common cause regarding issues on which they see eye to eye. Granted, that won’t include issues of unregulated capitalism, but hey, there are plenty of civil liberties being stomped on these days, and it couldn't hurt for the two factions to join forces in trying to bring about change.

Lon Cecil, Libertarian candidate for NC's 12th Congressional District.
  • Lon Cecil, Libertarian candidate for NC's 12th Congressional District.

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