Charlotte attorney missing for months



Is Lyle Yurko on the lam or a missing person?

His friends, neighbors, clients and the North Carolina Bar Association will tell you his office and his home are dark, and he's not answering his phones. Some suspect he's in Vietnam with his Vietnamese bride while others speculate that he's running from money troubles and won't be back. Until he returns, checks in or shows up somewhere, no one will know for sure.

Meanwhile, the North Carolina Bar Association has put Rick Winiker III in charge of Yurko's law practice.

Here's the scoop:

Anyone who knows Lyle Yurko will tell you that he is hard to miss.He is an outspoken attorney who's handled high-profile cases in state and federal court and he has been missing now for months.Yurko’s office is still strewn with books and boxes of files but the door is locked and a notice posted outside announces that a trustee has been appointed to oversee his practice.Rick Winiker agreed to take the job after the state bar notified a judge that Yurko has abandoned his law practice and left no one to handle questions from clients, many of whom may not know that their attorney has disappeared.“I'm sure people have run into problems already and we're trying the best we can. It's like being left on an operating table and that's what the bar is trying to do is to make sure those people are taken care of,” Winiker said.


If you are one of Yurko's clients, the North Carolina Bar Association asks you to contact Winiker at 704-333-8440 or e-mail [email protected].

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