Just another teenage criminal


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Oh, nothing new here. Just another case of a wild child wreaking havoc on society. Except instead of stealing cars or vandalizing property, he rapes an 83-year-old woman.

Man ... times have changed.

Where are this kid's parents? And why was he allowed to be out on the streets with charges of false imprisonment and simple assault against him (he's apparently awaiting trial), in addition to having been found guilty of stealing a car earlier this year?

I'm so disgusted.

A teenager who police say broke into a northern Charlotte home and raped an 83-year- old woman Wednesday night was arrested after police were called about a break-in around the corner 16 hours later.

Robert Lamar McFadden, 16, was in Mecklenburg Jail on Thursday night, charged with rape, kidnapping, two counts of breaking and entering and one count of breaking into a car.

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