More memories of Dennis Darrell



I am sad to write that Dennis Darrell of Reel Soul Films has passed away. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on Charlotte's film community and had the opportunity to speak with Dennis about his thoughts. He was positive, uplifting and definitely felt that there was a film community here in Charlotte. Dennis' commitment to film was evident in the volume of films that he has screened in Charlotte and the filmmakers that he brought together on numerous occasions.

When I first moved to Charlotte, he welcomed me with open arms and was central to helping filmmakers navigate the city's precarious terrain. I was unaware of just how ill Dennis was and am pained to know that he is gone. I am happy that I had the opportunity to connect with him before he transitioned. As usual he was inspirational, enlightening and saw only the good in the Charlotte film community. His absence will definitely be felt in the film community, and he will be truly missed.

For more on Darrell's life and legacy, read Burton's N Word column next week (May 26).

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