Brixx story goes national



Brixx’s firing of waitress Ashley Johnson has now become national news. The Huffington Post has a story about Johnson’s canning, under the headline “Waitress FIRED Over Status Update On Facebook.”

As we wrote about yesterday, and as originally reported by the Observer, Johnson was fired from her job as a waitress at Brixx Uptown after she posted on Facebook about a cheap couple (or rather, “cheap piece of shit campers”) who stiffed her on a tip. Readers' opinions have run the gamut from support for Johnson’s free speech rights to defenses of Brixx’s policies. Brixx posted a comment on their own Facebook page about the incident and customer reactions. Part of the statement declares, “Our policies ensure Brixx is an enjoyable place to both work AND dine.” You know, I don’t think those policies exactly worked out this time, considering that Brixx’s reaction to Johnson’s gripe has resulted in piles of bad PR, and has now become a national story.

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