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When the story of the fired waitress from Brixx Pizza hit the internet, someone in the PR department of the restaurant should've cringed.

The fact that Brixx has a Facebook page but fired a waitress because of something she said on her personal page should have prepared them for the ass-load of evil comments they are receiving.

Here's a sampling:

I "liked" you only so I could say this- bad move on firing that waitress! Seriously- what happened to a time when employers stood behind their staff. Because guess what? The customer ISN'T always right. That couple was a couple of assholes. 3 hours and 5 bucks? Who does that? I'll tell you who- assholes.

Dear Brixx, Eat a bag of dicks. Succinct, to the point and it rhymes.

Congrats on firing an employee for utilizing

their First Amendment rights! They sat there for 3hours and tipped $5? OF COURSE she complained you idiots! If they sat for 2 hours it would still be a problem. She was just venting the truth.... I am stunned that you did not even give her a chance to apologize and simply fired her. This WILL EFFECT your (sic) buisness! :( Boo hiss on your poor (sic) judgement and for letting a person go during these hard times in America where any job at all is a big deal!

And then, there are the "fan" photos:


This is going to be real ugly.


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