Right-wing CIAA: the NRA comes to Uptown



In case you haven't heard, the NRA is coming to town this Friday for its Annual Meeting. And the group is bringing big conservative names like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin along for the ride. The Charlotte Observer reports:

Organizers expect up to 70,000 visitors to pump at least $20 million into the local economy. So packed are hotels that even Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps had a hard time finding a room for this weekend's UltraSwim.

That' a lot of people (and even more guns) ... it's sort of like CIAA for right-wingers. And, no, that's not to say that everyone in the NRA is right-leaning — but when you've got Palin and Beck on the bill, you're definitely not trying to attract Michael Moore fans.

That said ... where's the after-party? Scorpios?

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