Historic fire station to be demolished



Whenever I drive down South Boulevard, I always notice this charming old, abandoned building.


The Charlotte Observer reports today that this building, better known to native Charlotteans as Charlotte's Historic Fire Station #2, will be demolished tomorrow. How sad. Anybody out there have a few hundred thousand dollars they want to contribute to save this 100-year-old building?

Charlotte's oldest standing fire station is scheduled to be bulldozed Wednesday, despite attempts by various groups, including retired firefighters, to save the historic property.

But the developer who owns the 100-year-old Fire Station No. 2 said he's scrambling to find money for a last-ditch "miracle" to save the building.

"I'm still reaching out until the last minute," said Charlotte businessman Marcel Stark.

Stark said if he can't raise about $200,000 by this afternoon, he'll proceed with demolition plans and sell the lot to a Florida developer.

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Additionally, a Facebook group created to petition to save the building will be hosting a support rally tonight at 6 p.m. and to take a group photo before the fire station is torn down.

**UPDATE: The Historic fire station will NOT be demolished. Read here.

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