Is Burr addicted to Bayer?



The folks at BlueNC have discovered some eye-opening info about our favorite U.S. senator, Richard Burr (R-NC). It turns out that the man whom many call Sen. Do-Little has actually been pretty busy, although not, as Burr claims, busy “working for North Carolinians.” Rather, says the BlueNC investigation, Burr has been preoccupied helping the German-owned Bayer Corporation. It seems that 45 of the 72 bills authored by Burr in 2009 — 60 percent of his output, in other words — were duty or tariff reductions on a variety of chemical compounds used in drug manufacturing – reductions sought by Bayer through its favorite lobbying group, Implu. Tariff reductions for foreign-owned chemical companies amount to lending a hand, and higher profits, to companies that compete against America’s and North Carolina’s chemical producers. In other words, Burr isn’t just a regular Congressional corporate stooge, he’s doing most of his legislative legwork for foreign corporations. I guess he’ll next claim to be a great “internationalist.

Bayer: It can be hard to resist
  • Bayer: It can be hard to resist

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