Warren Turner: Did he, or didn't he?



Did Charlotte city Councilman Warren Turner sexually harass a city employee? The council will find out tonight when attorney Valecia McDowell, of Moore & Van Allen, presents the results of her investigation.

I've only run into Councilman Warren Turner twice — both times at the Jinwright tax-evasion trial currently underway in federal court. I wasn't impressed either time.

One thing you might be interested in: When asked, on the witness stand and under oath, who his employer was, he said "The state of North Carolina." He was referring to his job as a probation officer.

At no time did he mention that he works for the citizens of Charlotte as an elected official.

Also, I asked him — once in person and once via voice mail — to explain why he chose to represent his church at the Jinwright trial. He refused comment and then didn't return my call.

Frankly, I'm not sure why he was in court. According to him, (remember he was under oath) he doesn't know much of anything about his church's financial dealings.

After that day in court, I told one of my local media peers that Councilman Turner didn't come across as all that, um, bright. They responded, "So what's new?"

Anyway, whatever I think of him and whatever he was doing at the courthouse, we should find out more about the sexual harassment scandal he's smack in the middle of by sundown.

It's still unclear what happened, who else was involved or if any sort of sexual harassment actually took place. Hopefully Ms. McDowell can clear these questions up for us, eh?

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