Will Obama visit inspire more 'Teabonics'?



We can’t wait to see what kind of Tea Party crowd shows up for Obama’s visit to Charlotte tomorrow. Actually, what we’re really interested in is whether the organizers will be able to control some of the more virulent tea partiers and their signs.

As Obama shows up at midday tomorrow at Celgard, a “green” company in southwest Charlotte, tea partiers will be around to show their opposition to the President and his policies. Organizer Craig Nannini is urging his fellow tea partiers to be “respectful,” “bring respectful signs,” and “be on your best behavior.” The unspoken subtext to Nannini’s urgings, if tea partiers are into unspoken subtexts and those kinds of things, is “don’t act like racists” and “check your friggin' spelling,” unlike the folks who created these Tea Party classics:



Nannini should probably have also counseled the protesters to “keep your paranoia at bay” or even “remember to take your meds,” considering the odd conspiracy theories and blind rage displayed by numerous tea partiers around the country – now including Michael Kelly, president of the We The People NC tea party group, who is quoted in the Observer as saying, “We expect the opposition to protest and try to incite violence.” Oh, really? So it’s people who are opposed to the tea partiers who are trying to incite violence? Thanks for clearing that up, as we thought it might be the tea partiers who show up at rallies with loaded weapons, but I guess that’s our mistake.

One thing the TP’s really should do — seriously — is run their signs through Spellcheck. The prevalence of misspellings in TP messages,  although entertaining for the rest of us, has been a setback for the partiers’ ability to come across as intelligent, thoughtful citizens — or for that matter, as relatively literate. The TP’s numerous misspelled signs have become an internet phenomenon, inspiring a new term for those group’s language: “Teabonics.” Check out this site that offers a slew of examples. Whether to laugh or cry at them is your choice.

  • Three mistakes in one sign -- congrats!

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