Tea baggers preparing for Obama's visit to the Q.C.



And, by preparing, of course, I mean coloring their signs, attaching tea bags to their clothing and trying to figure out how they're going to pounce on the president of the United States. But, hey — they're super patriotic folks (as long as you agree with their world view). Here's betting the vast majority of the tea baggers have no clue what they're actually protesting.

It's no wonder President Obama isn't going to make a public appearance when he visits Charlotte on Friday, especially after the tea baggers were so rude — spitting, racial slurs, etc. — during the health care bill's final passage in Washington. Who would want to subject themselves to such abuse? Especially when said abusers are likely to be packin' heat.

Here's hoping the tea baggers eventually get a clue ... and realize how utterly goofy it is to wear tea bags on their head. I mean, really? (You know how the Urban Dictionary defines tea bagging, right?)

Tea Bag Hat

A recent Bloomberg National Poll confirmed what was already apparent, that the Tea Party movement has an intense hatred for anything they, or their leaders, deem to be socialist while both appreciating and wanting more government support for programs they like and, of course, not really understanding what the term socialist means.

The Tea Party movement has a long, if perhaps not so distinguished pedigree, as fear of socialism has been a tool by powerful economic forces in the US for more than a century used to oppose any policies which might help poor and working people.

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