Bill Kennedy's race against Virginia Foxx picks up steam



It looks like Billy Kennedy, the Democratic candidate for the US House seat currently occupied by Virginia Foxx of “Health care reform = terrorism” fame, is the real thing. Since he announced his candidacy, Kennedy has put together a solid organization and his campaign coffers have swollen. Now he has been formally endorsed by Blue America PAC, which has really started bringing in more campaign funds. Which means Kennedy should be getting some serious attention, and support, from his party, as long as the national Democratic organization can get it through their heads that voters aren’t really looking for a “GOP Lite” candidate, such as Waynesville’s Rep. Heath Shuler. Kennedy has a populist progressive platform dedicated to creating jobs in his unemployment-devastated district, and comes across as smart, on top of the issues, and pretty witty, to boot.

Kennedy was featured Saturday in an online chat with the progressive blog Crooks and Liars, and it’s worth giving it a listen, or reading a transcript. Kennedy was asked a lot of no-nonsense and gave some very substantive, encouraging answers.

Congressional candidate Billy Kennedy
  • Congressional candidate Billy Kennedy

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