Rachel Maddow, a MSNBC pundit, attended the Conservative Political Action Conference so we don't have to. Here's what she found. (Warning: Once you get past the first few seconds of silly, it gets scary.)

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Read on in The Atlantic: Do Conservatives need CPAC?

Here's how Marc Ambinder begins the article:

The early evening at the Conservative Political Action Conference allows ample time for participants to take stock of the day or perhaps to browse through the interest groups that paid for exhibition space in the hall.  Ambling through the enormous lobby of the Marriott Wardman Park hotel, eavesdropping on conversations, it hits you immediately: CPAC is not a grassroots convention. Its success -- the highest attendance ever -- is evidence that CPAC has outlived its usefulness to the conservative movement.  It has become a place to network and cheer at applause lines -- nothing more. Leave the hall and end the day, and you've had a good time, but you don't feel fulfilled. CPAC is a guilty pleasure.

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