Guess who's behind on their taxes?



Ever wondered who pays their taxes and who doesn't? It's not hard to find out since that information belongs to the public and the county publishes a list of tardy tax payers (due in March or April). You might be surprised, however, to find out how much money is owed and what has, and hasn't, been done to correct the situation. (Mostly what hasn't.)

Thousands of property owners in Mecklenburg County owe a total of more than $70 million in unpaid taxes, according to a Charlotte Business Journal review of delinquent bills.

That’s more than this year’s combined budgets for the county’s library system ($31.8 million) and its parks and recreation department ($37.4 million).

As of Feb. 1, there are 38,323 unpaid tax bills, or about one out of 10. The number of county tax notices each year typically totals about 371,500. With interest, the delinquent bills add up to $70,616,298.59.

County taxes on land, buildings and equipment were due Sept. 1, but many property owners hold off paying until the first week of January, which is when interest is applied.

Many on the delinquent list are developers, commercial property owners and home builders with unsold lots. Scores of other unpaid bills are for projects that have fallen into foreclosure or bankruptcy, such as Tim Crawford’s South End Silos, the failed 210 Trade condo project uptown and scattered Crescent Resources sites.

Read the rest of this Charlotte Business Journal article, by Susan Stabley, and get the low down on the most outrageous delinquent bills here.

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