McHenry celebrates earmarks he condemned



Well, you can’t accuse Rep. Patrick McHenry of wasting his time in Congress. And you thought McHenry was a rock-solid, far-right Republican who wants to shrink the government and ax those nasty earmarks (aka pork barrel legislation) that bloat the budget. And you’d be right to think that that’s what McHenry says he is. Which is why it’s kind of hilarious that McHenry was so proud to announce yesterday that two fire departments in his district will receive $90,000 in grants from the Homeland Security Department (aka Pork Central). McHenry’s proud association with the earmarks is no big surprise since many Republican members of Congress have been going through the same rigmarole, condemning earmarks as the work of Satan (or worse, Obama), then turning around and taking credit when the pork flows into their district.

But that’s not all that’s kept McHenry busy lately. Back in December, he introduced an enormously important piece of legislation: a resolution to honor NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson. Amazingly, it only took McHenry two months to get this controversial legislation through the House of Representatives, which passed the McHenry Bill (as it’s referred to on McHenry’s website) yesterday. Identifying himself with NASCAR may be a good way for McHenry, who has been the subject of rumors in his district about his, um, manliness, to show what a ruff-tuff macho mofo he really is.

Rep. Patrick McHenry (left) and pal compare their Freudian metaphors
  • Rep. Patrick McHenry (left) and pal compare their Freudian metaphors

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