Buckley predicts the success of Obama's speech


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Christopher Buckley, who graced the Q.C. with his presence in October at the Novello Festival, is already poking fun at the president's State of the Union address -- which hasn't been given yet. (It will take over a TV near you tomorrow night.)

Here's a snippet from how Buckley thinks it will go:

My fellow Americans,

Tonight I can report to you that the state of the union, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being excellent, is a 9.8.

Now, you may ask—and I wouldn’t blame you for asking—how I came up with that number. You might be saying to yourself, “Wait a minute. I’ve got no job, no health insurance. My house isn’t worth half the amount of my mortgage, and I just got called up by the National Guard to do a fifth tour in Afghanistan. How the heck did he come up with 9.8?”

So it’s a good and valid question. And the answer is that 9.8 is pretty good, considering the mess my predecessor and the Republicans left me. Fair enough? I think so.

I want to acknowledge some folks in this chamber here tonight. The cipher-faced, light-skinned fellow right behind me is Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, from the great state of Nevada, home of gambling, legal prostitution, and empty nuclear-waste facilities.

Over the last year, Harry has managed to do something I wouldn’t have dreamt possible: make me look like a total tool of the political establishment. How did he manage that? How did I manage that?

Read the rest of Buckley's "Audacity of Opps" post for The Daily Beast here.

Buckley, you might remember, is the son of one of the founders of the Conservative political movement. He made big news when he announced, on The Daily Beast, that he would vote for Obama. More on that -- and his book -- here:


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