STEM, or Stupid Thing of the Week?


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It’s both! Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, overreacting to the silly ruckus over the naming of Hough High School, is taking the timid way out when it comes to naming another school. Rather than just going ahead and naming the damned thing like a normal school system does, CMS wants you to take time out of your busy life to vote online for a new name for John Motley Morehead Elementary School.

Here’s the deal: The school is a math-science magnet that will add middle-schoolers starting next August, so "elementary" will need to be changed. Some at CMS want to include the trendy educational acronym STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in the school’s name — you know how bureaucrats love them some acronyms — but being the timid, reactionary souls they are, the Hough High silliness has led them to call for a public vote. For a school name. Yes, it’s stupid. That’s why it’s our Stupid Thing of the Week.

It gets better. If you decide to vote , you’re given three choices: John Motley Morehead STEM Academy, John Motley Morehead Mathematics and Science, or — this one’s classic — John Motley Morehead Academy of STEM.

Academy of STEM — kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?  Plus, what a bonus for our STOW competition. Not only did CMS stupidly pass the buck on a completely stupid, minor issue, they also provided one of the stupidest names possible for any school anywhere. Academy of STEM — so clunky, silly and, yes, stupid-sounding, you just know that'll be the winner.

Former NC Gov. John Motley Morehead, from whom the school name stems
  • Former NC Gov. John Motley Morehead, from whom the school name stems

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