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Lied about smoking? You need to be spanked


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OK, first the state told employees who are part of the State Health Plan (SHP) they’d have to pay higher prices unless they quit smoking. Apparently not satisfied with minding their employees’ personal business, the SHP has now thought up ways to punish employees who lied about their smoking habits. The SHP is contracting with a company to, as NC Policy Watch puts it, “travel around the state shoving swabs in the mouths of workers.” If you fail the test, or refuse to take it, you’ll be moved from the 80/20 plan to the 70/30 plan for at least one year; and not only you, but also other family members who are covered, whether they smoke or not. Sometimes it seems this country's puritanical background, and our fellow citizens' busybody habits, will never let go.

Bad state employee! Bad!
  • Bad state employee! Bad!


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