Rep. Patrick McHenry doesn't care if you're inconvenienced



The third term Congressman could give a crap what the rules are or what's customary and reasonable behavior. Naw. If he's in a rush -- and aren't we all? -- then you need to just deal with the fact that he's in power and you're not.

In fact, he's so damn busy he can't even park his SUV like a normal person. No time to back up and try again. No time to circle the parking lot. Oh, no.

And, apparently there's no time to schedule his time effectively to ensure he makes his flights on time. So, screw you Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen. You can just drive around his SUV until he gets back from Washington, but, for God's sake, don't hit it -- then you'll be in trouble.

I triple dog dare you to try to pull this stunt and see what happens to you and your vehicle. (P.S. Do so at your own risk.)

A Gazette employee spotted the congressman’s blue Ford Explorer straddling a curb in a parking lot at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport at 4:35 p.m. Sunday, at the end of a row of legally parked cars. The Ford’s front tires were on the curb, while the back tires were in the driving area of the parking lot, with one of them resting atop a yellow speed bump.

The vehicle’s license plate bore the tag number “U.S. House 10,” surrounded by an outline of North Carolina — the customary plate design for vehicles registered to U.S. Senate and House members from this state. A blue and white sticker reading “McHenry, U.S. Congress” was affixed to the back glass.

When contacted about the issue this week, McHenry’s spokesman, Brock McCleary, said the congressman was pressed for time.

Read more -- and see photos -- from The Gaston Gazette here.

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