Will Cheney ever just shut up?



Dick Cheney keeps living up to his first name and reputation, with no signs of going away. Yesterday, the former Veep spoke to the conservative Center for Security Policy, where he accused Pres. Obama of “dithering” on Afghanistan and urged the Prez to hurry the hell up and send more troops pronto!. Yas, boss, right away, boss. Especially since foreign policy is your proven field of expertise, boss.

The greatest irony of Cheney’s speech yesterday was in how he kept repeating the phrase, “Make no mistake . . .” If only he’d thought about that before making his disastrous decisions while in office.

Finally, and once and for all, haven’t we all had enough of this incompetent blowhard? Here’s a guy who was dead wrong about nearly everything related to foreign policy during his two terms in office as Dubya’s string-puller. In fact, Cheney is the one person most responsible for wrecking America’s international reputation, shredding our armed forces, debasing our country by putting us in the same league as nations that torture prisoners, and frankly I could go on all day and night and on into the next day about how horrible this jerk was as a Vice President. Maybe he’d finally plug up his crooked pie-hole if Obama would stop ”dithering” about handing Cheney over to the International War Crimes Tribunal.

Do us all a favor, Mr. President
  • Do us all a favor, Mr. President

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