Bozos repent, Burr keeps digging his grave


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First things first: The two South Carolina Republican county chairmen who praised Sen. Jim Demint by comparing him to penny-pinching Jews apologized yesterday for the ethnic slur. Seems that these days you can say almost anything and, as long as you apologize for it quickly, everything’s OK. So, here’s a big thank you for the apology to Edwin Merwin and James Ulmer, you knuckle-dragging shitkickers. Oops, so sorry.

Second things second: Sen. Richard Burr kept on digging his political grave yesterday as he responded to criticism of his vote against a ban on giving federal funds to companies that require arbitration in sexual assault cases. Incidentally, all four GOP U.S. senators who are women voted for the ban. When N.C. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, a probable contender for Burr’s Senate seat next year, lambasted the senator for “voting against protecting rape victims working for contractors in Iraq,” Burr lashed back. Through a spokesman, Burr said the amendment “does  not protect women” (huh?), and besides – I swear this is an actual reason they gave for voting against the ban – it “prevents contractors from getting paid.” Like we should give a damn if a contractor that treats women the way KBR treated Jamie Leigh Jones gets paid.

Burr’s spokesman also said the arbitration agreements are nonbinding in criminal acts, and the government could still prosecute sexual assault suspects. So, Richard, you're saying it’s OK for taxpayer-funded contractors to force employees who've been raped to go through an arbitration process, because “the arbitration agreements are nonbinding in criminal acts”? And then what? After the arbitration process, they should go to a policeman and have the rapists arrested, and then go through a whole other trial “process”? I guess as long as the contractors are getting paid, it's OK to put women through an extra layer of hell. You’re not making sense, senator, and frankly, it’s hard to fathom how a politician could be this tone-deaf.

Jamie Leigh Jones testifies before Congress
  • Jamie Leigh Jones testifies before Congress

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