The 'No Sperm Left Behind Act'?



This week, our coveted Stupid Thing of the Week award goes to anti-abortion extremists in Florida who proposed the “Personhood Amendment” to that state’s constitution. As Tampa Bay Online reported, the amendment would make birth control a crime in Florida. It’s no secret that a strong faction within the anti-abortion movement wants to eventually outlaw birth control, and have been successful in getting “eggs are people too” legislation considered in North Dakota and Colorado. This time around, anti-abortion politicians in Florida are trying to distance themselves from the proposal.

The Personhood Amendment would add language to the state constitution that would define someone as a person “from the beginning of the biological development of that human being” — in other words, a fertilized egg would be considered a “person” with full rights. See a previous, satirical BWA column on this subject here. Personhood Amendment activists would need to collect 676,811 signatures by February 1, 2010 for the proposal to be put to a vote. Their chances are slim, but who knows? It’s Florida.

EGG-ZIBIT A: A fertilized human egg/future Floridian
  • EGG-ZIBIT A: A fertilized human egg/future Floridian

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