Waxhaw's naked jogger



Shoes, socks and not much else. That's the description of a jogger reportedly spotted in Waxhaw.

"Have you heard about the naked jogger in town?" resident Mark Brambier asked friends while sitting outside the Crossroads Coffee House.

A naked jogger has been spotted running through downtown in the middle of the night, past a barber shop, computer store and over the famous railroad bridge.

John Tiley got the first e-mails and posted them on his Waxhaw Gazette blog.

"Sure looked like they were in the buff turning the corner," Tiley said, citing one of his e-mails. "Whether it's true or not, I cannot attest to."

But, he says, the e-mails got more descriptive with more sightings.

"One of them did comment something about wrinkles," Tiley said.

By most accounts the jogger is a woman, possibly an older woman.

Neighbors say there could be one really easy explanation for this -- the anniversary of Woodstock -- 40 years ago this August -- the same month the naked jogger sightings started.

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