Who was the weekend’s biggest a-hole: Kanye West, Serena Willaims or Dick Armey?



Here’s a quick poll: Who is the biggest a-hole of the past weekend (and no, Jake Delhomme’s five turnovers don’t count as a-holedom, just washed-updom). Here are our three candidates:

1. Serena Williams. For Serena, it’s always about Serena. When she wins, she gloats, and when she loses, it’s always somebody else’s fault. Saturday, at the U.S. Open, Williams was on the verge of losing in straight sets to Kim Clijsters — who, by the way, was making one of the most amazing comebacks in tennis history — when she went totally ballistic over a foot fault call and told the tiny line judge lady that she wanted to “take this fucking ball and shove it down your fucking throat.” The foot fault had set up match point, and the threat brought an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that cost Serena a point and, as a result, the match. But hey, it kept Serena in the news and took attention away from the woman who was beating her, so Serena’s happy.

2. Kanye West. For Kanye West, it’s always about Kanye West. CL music editor Jeff Hahne has written about West’s mind-boggling a-hole behavior at the Video Music Awards here. Let me just add, I agree with Jeff that Kanye is an “arrogant asshole.” The question now is: Was he the past weekend’s biggest asshole?

3. Dick Armey. For a right-wing blowhard, you couldn’t find a better name. Former GOP congressman Dick Armey heads up Freedom Works, one of the groups that organized the Tea Parties, fired up the health reform ignorati to spew at town hall meetings, and helped organize Saturday’s Tea Bag Extravaganza march in Washington. Among other things, Armey’s group — keep in mind, this is one of the groups that organized the march — distributed signs to protesters that said “Bury Obamacare With Kennedy.” What a classy bunch.

So who’s the biggest a-hole of the three? The threatening prima donna, the self-absorbed musical jackass, or the former Congressman who mocks the recent dead? Let us know.


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