Way to waste a bunch of chocolate and wine



I kid. This race car is sexy. Wonder when we'll see it, or something like it, at the (what are we calling it these days) track in Concord?

A racing car built partly from vegetables and powered by chocolate is to make its track debut next month.

The Worldfirst - described as the greenest car of its kind - is expected to reach a top speed of 135mph when it hits the track at Brands Hatch.

Built from recycled cars, plastic bottles and off-cuts from aeroplanes, the Formula 3 vehicle has a steering wheel made from carrot fibre and can run on biodiesel made from waste chocolate and stale wine.

Its creators at Warwick University say their invention may be green - but can reach 60mph from a standing start in less than 2.5 seconds.

Project leader Dr Kerry Kirwan said the car was proof that 'green cars don't have to be boring'.

'We'll be disappointed if it doesn't do well,' he said. 'We believe this is the greenest car in its class. It's the first car of its kind built from waste material, recycled material and natural materials, but it has the same performance levels and looks just like a Formula 3 racing car.

Read the entire article, and investigate the car's stats, in this Daily Mail (U.K.) article.

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