Live review: Dustin Diamond and Johnny Millwater



Live review: Dustin Diamond and Johnny Millwater

Aug. 20, 2009

Lake Norman Comedy Zone in Galway Hooker

The Deal: Comedian Dustin Diamond, better know as "Screech," from TV's Saved By The Bell, visited Cornelius for a stand-up comedy performance at Lake Norman Comedy Zone in Galway Hooker Irish Pub. Local comedian Johnny Millwater opened the show.

The Good: Millwater kicked off the show, and geez, this guy is funny. He does a damned good impression of Robert De Niro and Bill Clinton too. After his set, Dustin Diamond (Screech!) took the stage, immediately firing up into his raunchy comedy with a long discussion on “grandma porn.” Diamond also took on the topics of sex, relationships, farting, fecal matter and more. He criticized the audience for its quick recovery from laughter and even pointed out folks in the crowd on numerous occasions. When one woman in the audience went missing, he asked her companion where she had went. When the man said she had gone to the bathroom, Diamond insinuated that she was pooping. With that said, he started yelling the woman’s name and telling her to “push.” At another point during the show, Diamond was talking about lewd sexual acts when a guy from the crowd yelled that he’d seen Diamond’s sex tape. Diamond, who seemed a bit surprised, played off the comment, saying something along the lines of the guy being “a Zack fan,” and “a fag.” Overall, Diamond did do what he does best though, which is blue stand-up comedy. He got the audience laughing and performed a whopping two hours, since no one “flashed a light” to let him know when to stop. Usually, he told me after the show, his sets last around 45 minutes.

The Bad: Well, blue comedy isn’t really my thing, so I found a majority of his jokes rather vulgar. Needless to say, other folks probably did as well, especially those expecting some sort of Screech resurrection. Diamond may have offended some folks when he talked about the mentally challenged, which he referred to as “retards,” and how funny it is to watch them fall. I heard a woman near me heave a sigh during the show: “I don’t like that,” she said.

The Verdict: Dustin Diamond is worth seeing live for once in your life. He is outrageous. During his set I found myself thinking on numerous occasions, “Did he really just say that? Yeah … he did.” Diamond isn’t afraid to shock, disgust or offend members in the crowd, but he does want folks to have a good time. He makes nasty funny too. At this show, folks got a long feel for Diamond, who stayed on stage well past his requirement. On another note, Charlotte comedian Johnny Millwater also made quite an impression. If you’re local, you need to check this guy out when he performs around town. He’ll make you laugh without feeling the need to throw up simultaneously.

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