Yes, Michael Vick has a job, let's move on



Michael Vick is back in the NFL -- after spending 18 months in prison -- it is time to stop punishing him for dog fighting.

Yes, it was wrong. But he didn't kill a person and people need let it go.

I knew the Carolina Panthers weren't going to sign Vick because Charlotte is a punk ass city. Yeah, I said it.

Charlotte is the only place where people love dogs more than they love people. Hit a woman, you may go to jail, abuse a dog and you WILL go to jail.

But the NFL needs to realize, PETA doesn't football tickets. Real football fans want to see their team win. Philly is a good fit for Vick. I'm sure those rowdy fans in the city of brotherly love just want to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl, something the Panthers will never do as long as Jake Delhomme is the quarterback.

CNN reports that Vick once again apologized for his involvement in dog fight:

"I think everybody deserves a second chance," Vick said at a news conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Friday. "Now I want to be part of the solution and not the problem."

The league suspended Vick indefinitely in August 2007 after he pleaded guilty to a federal charge of bankrolling a dogfighting operation at a home he owned in Virginia.

Vick, 29, was freed from federal prison at Leavenworth, Kansas, on May 20 and returned to his Virginia home to serve the last two months of his 23-month sentence in home confinement.

"Everything that happened at that point in my life was wrong," Vick said of his involvement with the dogfighting ring.

"I had to reach a turning point. Prison definitely did it for me," he said.

He's sorry, so let the man play football and let the dog jokes rest.

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