GEICO dumps Glenn Beck




The Gecko has dumped its caveman. No, not one of those GEICO spokesmen, we mean Glenn Beck. GEICO has become the fifth company in two weeks to drop its advertising from the Glenn Beck show on FoxNews.

Beck, the, ahem, free-wheeling, teary, and, in this writer's view, obviously psychologically troubled news entertainer (even conservative comedian Dennis Miller calls Beck “pretty shaky") saw the shit hit the fan recently after he told a national audience that Pres. Obama “has a deep-seated hatred of white people.” A campaign to urge Beck’s advertisers to drop his show began practically the next day, led by a group called Color of Change. The companies in question are not pulling money from FoxNews per se, but rather redistributing it to other Fox shows, ostensibly until those hosts garner national attention, like Beck, for engaging in dangerously irresponsible rhetoric. Hey, wait a minute, if that’s the case, how does Sean Hannity (“He dares ask the questions other reporters are too smart to ask”) still have advertisers at all? For more information on the anti-Glenn Beck “campaign,” go here.

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