McCrory to 'tour' against health-care reform


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You might want to know where your mayor will be next week. Pat McCrory, whose mayor’s salary is still being paid by you and I, will spend next Tuesday and Wednesday, July 21 and 22, giving speeches against health-care reform in Raleigh and Wingate. It’s part of a “tour” being sponsored by a group called Americans for Prosperity (AFP), or as the progressive website BlueNC refers to it, Americans for the Prosperous Elite (APE). AFP is a far-right, pro-business group who believe in “limited government” (as long as business subsidies aren't cut) and “free markets” (which, outside of libertarian fantasies, only exist in flea markets).

McCrory is throwing his support behind AFP’s anti-healthcare reform efforts by speaking for “free market solutions to our health care needs that will protect patients’ rights.” McCrory will speak in Raleigh on the 21st and at the Jesse Helms Center (say no more) in Wingate on the 22nd. McCrory is quoted in AFP’s announcement as saying, “I believe patients and doctors should make health care choices, not Washington bureaucrats”, and “you deserve the right to make all your own health care choices.” It’s the standard conservative anti-reform smokescreen which pretends that Americans aren’t suffering under the current “free market” insurance scam our health care delivery system has become, and which distort current reform proposals that would let anyone who wants to stay with private insurance to do so. GOP “free market” healthcare “solutions,” proposed by Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, are essentially a fraud that would leave tens of millions of Americans high and dry.

McCrory’s tour is a move farther to the right, putting him in league with rightwing flamethrowers who support AFP like our wacky friend Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-19th Century) and the always entertaining Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-Mars), who thinks the U.S. Census is designed to make it easier to put people in concentration camps. If you think this is an appropriate way for your mayor to use his time, well, fine. If you don’t, let him know about it at 704-336-2241 or


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