Censorship at state psych hospital



This is what we want as a society, right? We want the people who care for some of our weakest citizens to be threatened so they won't point out abuse. Nice.

What's next? Are we going to demand people choose between paying higher taxes and teachers? Oh, wait. We're already doing that.

Employees at the state's psychiatric hospital in Goldsboro could face discipline if they say negative things about its staff or operations.

Cherry Hospital instituted a policy last month that said disruptive behavior would be punished, including “making degrading, demeaning, or belittling comments” about the hospital, criticizing staff or the quality of care, and “demeaning other staff, especially in public settings.”

The hospital has landed in trouble in recent years for patient abuse and neglect; some problems came to light because workers spoke publicly.

Two years ago, the hospital's employment of a convicted child molester as its acting medical director came to public attention after a nurse told newspapers about it.

Last year, Cherry staff spoke about their frustrations after a patient's death from negligence led the federal government to cut off insurance payments.

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