WTF Wednesdays: Michael Jackson Edition



1. The Michael Jackson Tribute that BET Never Aired

Unlike the rest of the universe, I didn’t watch the Michael Jackson memorial service yesterday. Part of me doesn’t want to accept the fact that he is really gone, and another part of me just refuses to get caught up in the media circus. But when I ran across this tribute video last night, I actually shed a tear, or two, or three. Rumor has it ( that this video was supposed to have aired on the BET Awards, but never did. WTF BET!!

2. John Mayer Performs Human Nature

I’m a huge John Mayer fan, so I felt compelled to share this fabulous video of him performing Michael Jackson’s song "Human Nature." Some people questioned why John Mayer was performing at the memorial service and what his connection was to Michael. WTF! I don’t care what the connection is or was. If you’re a fan of music, how can you not like this? Two thumbs way up…

3. And Just When the MJ Coverage Is Too Overwhelming, there’s ALWAYS Brother Franklin…

Brother Franklin is quickly becoming a You Tube star! He cracks me up!!

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