Edwards' sour legacy



Yesterday was former U.S. Senator John Edwards' 56th birthday, and that brings mixed feelings. I once had high hopes for Edwards, and I supported his Presidential campaign because I agreed with his progressive/populist views. In fact, I wish Obama had listened to Edwards when, in reaction to Obama saying health insurance companies should be "at the table" in health care reform discussions, Edwards said, "You cannot 'nice' these people to death — they'll fight real reform to the end." From the looks of the health care reform talks now going on in D.C., Edwards was exactly right.

With that said, Edwards' fall from grace, both as an ineffective candidate and as a philandering jerk, were disillusioning and embarrassing to those who rooted for him, and I frankly regret having supported him. Today, the Daily Beast news Web site has a great feature about who would star in the movie of John Edwards' life, and it offers a lighthearted way for former Edwards fans to get back at him through laughter.

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