TMI: David Carradine's ex-wives spill secrets



Alright. Enough, already. So, David Carradine enjoyed a long list of fetishes (including incest, apparently). He was a dirty old man who probably died very happy. Good for him.

In the wake of David Carradine's mysterious death, two of his ex-wives are shedding light on his kinkier sexual preferences.

Gail Jensen and Marina Anderson -- wives No. 3 and 4, respectively -- confirm that the "Kung Fu" star had engaged in sex acts that veer from the norm.

Jensen tells RadarOnline that Carradine liked to tie himself up, had a fetish for Speedos and often experimented with drowning himself in the pool.

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If this isn't enough, you can now see death photos -- complete with fishnets and a wig. (No, I'm not looking them up for you; I've had enough.)

Here's more from the Young Turks with more details we really don't need to know: