$100 fine for texting and driving, coming soon



Well, glad to see our state officials are spending their time a little more wisely than city officials, even if their new bill is totally unenforceable, hypocritical and only meant to regulate behavior via scare tactics. Suppose it's better than spending their day talking about pygmy goats, though.

The state Senate gave final approval Tuesday to a bill that would prohibit the use of cell phones for sending text messages and e-mails while driving, despite objections that the law would be unenforceable.

The bill's opponents said it would be difficult for police to determine when someone was using a cell phone to send text messages or e-mails instead of simply dialing a phone number, which is not illegal.

Opponents argued that it was contradictory to say the activity was as dangerous as drunken driving but fine violators only $100.

Read more at Charlotte.com.

Seriously: Put your damn cell phones down and drive. We don't need the state legislature to tell us texting while driving is dangerous. Hell, texting while walking is dangerous.

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