WTF did Mary Easley do at NC State?



What does it mean to be the "executive in residence" at a state-run university? Who the hell knows? School administrators don't know. Mary Easley doesn't know.

But, what we do know is, until yesterday afternoon, she got paid quite a bit ($170,000 per year) for whatever it is she was doing. And, of course, that's up 88 percent since this time last year — when she was already raking in a more than adequate $90,000.

Guess it pays to be married to the (former) governor.

NCSU Chancellor James Oblinger has said she was unique for the position. At the time of her raise, UNC system President Erskine Bowles called it “a big, complex job.”

But it's unclear from the records and interviews whether it ever was as big or as difficult as billed.

Easley sometimes has picked up the phone and ordered a speaker from an agency. She keeps irregular hours. There are questions about whether she has performed all the duties required under one part of her job description.

And the salary she gets for teaching is far above the amount that another instructor is getting for the same work.


Update: Mary gets the ax.

Carolina Journal's executive editor Don Carrington on Easley's duties:

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