Budget cuts: your money or their lives



As we pointed out in a Friday blog entry on Rep. Tricia Cotham's proposal to raise taxes on wealthy North Carolinians, the state legislature is considering a slew of truly draconian, and potentially disastrous, budget cuts. If history is any guide (as in, "Reagan administration"), some of the cuts would make some problems worse, which would, in turn, cost even more for society to deal with in the long run. A prime example of this downward-spiral process is the proposal to cut funding for Mental Health Services, a community support group that offers services to over 500 clients suffering from mental health problems. MHS spokesperson Sharon Wallace says the cuts would result in taxpayer-paid jail sentences and emergency room visits, as well as an increase in homelessness, suicides and possibly homicides. The group will go to Raleigh on Wednesday, leaving from the Concord Mills parking lot, to lobby against the deep cuts being considered by the General Assembly. If you're interested in helping out, or want more info, call Person Centered Partnerships at 704-567-0790.

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