Virginia Foxx staff drunk on beer



Thanks to Rep. Virginia Foxx, the frankly wacked-out Congresswoman from North Carolina's 5th District, the hits just keep on coming. We reported recently on comments by Foxx (who, we remind you again, is not a softcore porn actress, despite her name) ... where were we? Oh, Foxx's statement that Matthew Shepard's murder was not a hate crime and was, in fact, "a hoax." Later, as she was debating on the floor of the House, Foxx decided it would be a good idea to use the term "tar baby." And before that, well, you get the point: Foxx is a gaffe machine. As reported by Politico, Foxx's gift for getting into trouble may be rubbing off on the person who does her scheduling, Courtney Coble. It seems that last week, Coble, while at work, went to her Gmail account and posted this odd update: "Office beers. on taxpayer time. you're welcome, fightin 5th district." Now, drinking beer is no big deal to you or I, probably, but not so to the legions of fundamentalist Christians who put Foxx in office; you can safely bet that they don't expect their Congressional representative's staff members to get loaded on the job. Foxx spokesman Aaron Groer says the Congresswoman's office is looking into the matter and that "appropriate disciplinary action will be taken."

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