NC support for healthcare reform: Where's Mel Watt?



A couple of days ago we told you about Health Care For America Now, a coalition of groups that is organizing supporters of true universal health care and lobbying members of Congress to be sure any new health care plan includes, at the very least, an option which would allow Americans to buy into a public insurance plan instead of continuing to feed their money to the health insurance racket. As Congress begins to hold hearings on health care reform, Health Care for America Now has released a list of members of Congress who support real health care reform. So far, 192 Congress members have signed on, including two from North Carolina, Reps. G.K. Butterfield and Brad Miller, and exactly zero from our poor relations in S.C. Also, none from Charlotte. No one in this city who has a grip on reality expects Rep. Sue Myrick to support universal health care, but it's a shock to not find Rep. Mel Watt, normally a progressive voice in Congress, on the list. If you'd like for him to support health care reform, call him up and tell him: in Washington, (202) 225-1510; in Charlotte, (704) 344-9950.

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