Joseph Northington: one seriously stupid S.O.B.


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Three years ago, a couple of friends and I, for some reason, decided to determine the best personal insult in the English language. We finally set aside more outlandish, complicated forms of name-calling and verbal abuse and opted for one of the immortals: "You stupid son of a bitch." Simple. To the point. Clean and classic. Now, three years later, a man has finally stepped forward to claim the title of Most Deserving of the Best Personal Insult. Our winner is one Joseph Northington of Roanoke, Va., a man who was not only enough of a son of a bitch to rob a bank, but was also stupid enough to brag about it ... wait for it ... on his MySpace page. Yep, the 27-year-old Northington robbed a bank in South Carolina of $4,000. Soon enough, our genius robber posted a message on MySpace reading, "On tha run for robbin a bank Love all of yall." They caught him, of course. Yesterday he confessed to the crime, and now faces seven years to life in prison. So, to Joseph Northington of Roanoke, if you're reading this, Congratulations, you stupid son of a bitch.


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