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Do you follow conspiracy theories? Do you believe them? Do you think, like this writer, that 99 percent of them are probably wrong? No matter, everyone likes to at least hear about the latest conspiracy theories, whether it's the one about Obama being a communist (wait, that's considered "news" on Fox), or Susan Boyle's supposed true identity as an illegitimate child of Prince Philip. The Divine Caroline Web site has a great story that helps you stay on top of the most talked-about conspiracy theories, here in which writer Vicki Santillano lists the most durable, popular (if that's the word) conspiracy theories — and she doesn't even go into the whole DaVinci Code thing or flying saucers coming from inside Earth. Here's the top 5 on the list, to get your started:

1. Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone (or possibly at all).

2. Princess Diana was killed on purpose.

3. AIDS is a man-made disease.

4. The government was involved in 9/11.

5. Elvis is still alive.


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