Eat, drink and try not to get sick



The hype about the swine flu or H1N1 has died down, but with the grilling season about to kick off this weekend, you'd better know who the grill master is and if there is running water nearby.

First, I'd avoid eat at anyone's house who treats their pets like a member of the family. Dogs and cats don't belong on the counter top when food preparation is going on. Next thing you know, there will be an outbreak of the Doggie Dog flu.

Second, make sure the person cooking is clean. This includes hands, face and most of all fingernails. Heat does not kill everything!

Third, it's all right to say no, no thank you and if you have to, HELL NO! Some people are just nasty, but they have the best beer in town. Or maybe you got roped into attending this gathering and you already ate. You don't have to risk you health to make a nasty cook feel better. Besides, there's no virus named after beer and if you didn't see the cook wash his or her hands, how do you know they didn't just touch their booty?

Have fun, but make sure you don't catch a disease and pass it along to the rest of us!

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