WTF Wednesday: Swizz Beats, Pink, Alicia Keys and one dumb baby daddy



Hello Creative Loafers.  In the words of Jay-Z: “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Neph…”  So now that we are BFFs, I need to share with you the top three things in Hollyweird that are making me scratch my head and say “WTF?” on this wonderful Wednesday afternoon:

1. Pink pulls a Katie Perry

So Pink supposedly told a tabloid that she is “drum roll please” BISEXUAL!  Uh, ok, no surprise there ... but apparently she thinks we didn’t know that already because she’s using her Twitter account to tell the universe that she is so not bisexual. Oh, and according to her, bisexuality is so 1991. WTF?!  I still love her music. Pink rocks. Period.

2. Very married hip-hop producer Swizz Beats confirms he’s dating Alicia Keys

Rumors about Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys dating have been circulating forever. The initial leak came from Mashonda, the very unhappy wife of Swizz Beats who is also the mother of his child. Well, Swizz recently confirmed that Alicia is his “Boo.” WTF! So does this officially make Alicia Keys a hip-hop homewrecker?  I’m just saying …

3. I wish a man would cheat on me after I birthed eight of his children

This whole Jon and Kate Plus Eight drama wasn’t even on my radar screen until last night. A friend and I were walking down Tryon, headed to The Color Purple play when a Fox Charlotte cameraman tried to get us to go on camera to talk about how we felt about this hot topic. We declined since neither of us watches the show, but apparently the rest of America is watching it. Honestly, the idea of eight children running around on my television screen is not my idea of entertainment. That sounds more like torture for a single gal like me.

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