The Weekly Rewind: May 11-May 15



OK, so you made it through another grueling workweek without killing anybody (I hope). Chances are, however, that you were probably so busy busting your ass for the man — or searching for a job because the man laid you off — that you didn't have time to keep up with exactly what happened this week.

Well, don't fret. We here at Creative Loafing keep minute-by-minute tabs on all the shit you love — news, food, film, music, sex, shopping and more; as a result, we are probably the best folks to fill you in on the most interesting stuff that's happened all week.

So, check it out: Below this witty set of sentences you'll find our list of people, places and things (with links) that made the last 5-7 days worth rewinding. Behold:

• Wanda Sykes verbally smacked Rush Limbaugh's fat ass ... and a bunch of other people, too.

• Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps visited Charlotte to compete. And, no, I won't make any weed jokes.

• We uncovered secrets behind Adam Lambert's early days ... and, seemingly, pissed off thousands of American Idol fans.

Bacon flavored vodka is coming your way. Seriously.

• A Charlotte-based bar made Esquire magazine's Best Bars of America list. Which bar? Click on the link and find out!

• Looks like Mike Minter wants to go to Washington ... and no, not for the Redskins.

• We made a list of the top 5 cheap eats on Central Ave. You know you want some cheap food.

• Obama slobbered over the Tar Heels. Cool shit.

• Music Editor Jeff Hahne offered up all the info about Charlotte's two newest music venues — both set to open at the N.C. Music Factory in June. And then Brittney Cason, our resident nightlife writer, gave up some info about the Music Factory's soon-to-open bars.

• Oh and then Jeff poked fun at Lady Gaga ... because she's a dreadful artist. I pray you don't like her.

• One of NC Dance Theatre's longest-running dancers is leaving. Damn.

• You can get thick, psychotic hair like Rod Blagojevich. For real.

• We found out why you should never complain at the Waffle House.

• The local band The Stellas are in Asia on tour — but that didn't stop the crew from blogging for CL. Check out what they wrote about their trip so far.

National Public Radio kicked up some shit over the film Outrage.

• Nude pics of Rihanna surfaced. Maybe.

• We snapped pics of O.A.R.'s performance Uptown.

• Recession hitting you hard? It may be time to start shaking your ass for cash.

• Look: yard sale. Yay!

• Why do you need an orgasm? Well, here's what we think

• We checked out opening night of Othello and snapped a few pics.

CL Film Editor Matt Brunson watched the new film Angels & Demons ... and it appears that he didn't like it.

• We found out why bikers are coming to Myrtle Beach whether you like it or not.

• And here's my favorite video we posted this week. Let it be a lesson to anyone who thinks they won the lottery:

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