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Today, Donald Trump will decide the fate of Miss California, Carrie Prejean -- a Miss USA loser. But, what about Miss North Carolina -- the winner? While Miss California's boobs and opinions are out there for everyone to see, what is Miss USA, Wilmington's Kristen Dalton, doing?

You can keep up with her on her Miss USA blog. Here's a snippet from her latest entry:

Hola! The last few days have been such a blast! Wednesday, I traveled to Las Vegas for an event with the Las Vegas Convention of Visitors Bureau. I arrived back to NYC Thursday evening, and then attended the Education through Music Gala at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel where famous violinist, Joshua Bell, was named an honoree and he treated us with an awe-inspiring performance. The gala was a benefit to raise money to fund music programs in public school curriculums [sic] in NYC in order to provide a well-rounded, creative education for children. I helped raise $3,250 by auctioning off a dinner at a wonderful steakhouse where I will join someone for a delicious meal!

And, in case you missed it (and who didn't?), here's the Miss USA swimsuit photo shoot:


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