Florida plates show Jesus with blonde mullet


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And you thought North Carolina's proposal to produce "Choose Life" license plates, or South Carolina's "In God We Trust" plates were a little odd. Now, Florida is getting ready to introduce two in-your-face, Christian-themed license plates. One of them sports a cross in front a stained-glass window, and the other one, which is drawing many negative reactions, is an image of Jesus on the cross. Or at least it's supposed to be Jesus; what they've produced is a license plate with an image of someone with Aryan features, a blond beard, and an equally blond mullet haircut. I say if you're gonna flaunt your religious beliefs publicly (didn't JC address that in the parable of the Pharisee who prayed for showing-off purposes?), at least make it as accurate as possible; in this case, shouldn't the image look like a Middle Eastern Jew? If citizens want to have their religious beliefs portrayed on their license plates (which I still think is an incredibly weird idea when you think about it), then, hopefully, Florida will soon introduce plates featuring Buddha, Krishna, the Star of David, the Moon & Crescent, a pentagram, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.



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