Texas GOP evenly split on secession



A new poll by Research 2000 reveals, as if we had to be reminded, just how wacked out Republicans are becoming during these days of their political exile. Last week, Texas governor Rick Perry mentioned the possibility of secession from the union as a response to what he and fellow teabaggers believe is Obama's "socialist" policies. Amazingly enough, or maybe not so amazingly considering the nervous breakdown the GOP has been suffering lately, the new poll by Research 2000 shows that half of Texas Republicans think their state would be better off seceding from the United States than staying in the union. The poll showed that the Texas GOP was split, 48-48 percent, while 51 percent of them approved of Gov. Perry's statements. Among Democrats the pro-secessionists stood at 15 percent, while Independents were split 55-40 in favor of remaining part of America. In other words, many of the "super-patriotic" Republicans in Texas would prefer to be a sovereign nation, while the supposedly "unpatriotic" Democrats overwhelmingly support being part of the United States. No one is suggesting Texas will secede (especially those who've read their history and know where such a notion got them the last time), but the degree of alienation and plain craziness revealed by this new poll says more than we probably wanted to know about the home of George W. Bush and Tom DeLay.

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