Whitewater Center offers new rates, Mega Zipline



Just in time for summer, the U.S. National Whitewater Center has opened a new attraction: the Mega Zipline. They have also reorganized their rates into several packages including: the All Sport Pass — available for the day or year, a One Sport Pass and the Quick Sport Pass.


The Annual One Sport Pass, which allows unlimited access to the Whitewater Center from April 1 through December 31, is $139 for adults and $109 for children under 11. The day rate for the All Sport Pass is $49 for adults and $29 for children under 11. The pass includes rafting, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, Eco Caching and the Mega Zipline.

One Sport Passes are available for $25, regardless of age, and are good for all day access to the sport of your choice. The Quick Sport Pass will run you $15 for a 30-minute climbing session or $10 for one trip on the Mega Zipline.

The Mega Zipline, a 1,123 foot, 561 pound cable the center's visitors can ride, opened yesterday. It takes a minute or less, at 15-20 mph, to travel from the zip line's tower, over the rapids, to the center's man-made island.

Coming soon: nearly 30 more acres of mountain bike trails.

At yesterday's media event, Mayor Pat McCrory and County Councilwoman Jennifer Roberts were disallowed from riding the Mega Zipline due to rain, though McCrory said, "I want to do it, but they said it's too dangerous."

Four Whitewater Center employees demonstrated the center's new toy instead, complete with pink smoke streamers.

Later, however, McCrory and Roberts braved the water together, with a guide of course.


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