N.C. nutcases in Congress, Pt. 2



Continuing today's theme of N.C. Nutcases in Congress, let's move on to the Queen Bee of Right-wing Lunacy, the Congresswoman who makes Sue Myrick look like Nancy Pelosi, one of the only legislators honored to be in a late-night Jimmy Fallon slow-jam, and whose name itself makes her sound like a soft porn actress, let's give it up for Rep. Virginia Foxx!

She represents the 5th Congressional District, and has served those fine people well by repeatedly making a fool of herself with outlandish rhetoric right out of the 1950s McCarthy era.

Foxx's reaction to the economic downturn? It's the Democrats' fault, and those who are "right with God" have nothing to worry about. She accused Democrats of being the cause of high gas prices and supporting "anti-American" policies. She's routinely denied saying things that she was captured saying on film. Foxx was one of only 11 members of Congress to vote against the aid package to victims of Hurricane Katrina, and was one of only 33 Republicans to vote against the extension of the Voting Rights Act. She did, however, successfully maneuver a joint resolution praising the Christmas tree industry through the House, but it died in the Senate.

Her peak moment was during the hearings on steroid use in baseball. She denounced the hearings as an unnecessary, Democratic conspiracy of some sort (she never was clear on exactly what she was talking about there), and then made a spectacle of herself by showing huge photos of Roger Clemens and telling him he didn't seem to have grown bigger over the years (thus bravely challenging the adage that "seeing is believing"); when the tide turned against Clemens, Foxx became a national laughing stock by denying she had ever defended him. Her latest crusade is to ban federal funding for groups that work in poor communities, specifically banning them from registering voters. Yep, that's Virginia Foxx: defending the nation against poor people being allowed to vote. Makes you proud to be a North Carolinian, doesn't it?

If we have time next week, we may examine another N.C. nutcase in Congress, Rep. Patrick McHenry. Meanwhile, have a good weekend.

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