Funding increase for homeless



After too many months of lay off, foreclosure and other uh-oh-our-economy-is-in-the-gutter news, it's nice to know a helping hand is being offered to some of the community services looking after those who need a helping hand the most:

In these tough economic times, the need for homeless supports only continues to rise. Mecklenburg County Area Mental Health officials are pleased to announce that not only has federal funding that supports homeless services been renewed, but that new funding has also been awarded. Every year the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awards funding to communities to assist homeless and disabled citizens with housing. This year, Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte were awarded recurring and new HUD funding totaling $3,415,231. Most of the funding is recurring and will be disbursed to maintain existing Continuum of Care programs and services through partnering agencies that assist the homeless like the Salvation Army, Hope Haven and Community Link.

Read the rest of the County's press release here.

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